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How to play Pokémon Go? Complete Guide to the game!

Despite problems server stun and discoveries gruesome Pokemon Go jumped almost instant top app stores, added billions in market value of Nintendo, and sold Pokeballs and other virtual goods million dollars, as people sink into nostalgia Pokemon and discover the joys of the original games played in public. The game is surprisingly complex. At first, it seems like everything you do is to wander back and forth, capturing simulated animals at random. But unlike many mobile games, Pokemon Go does not struggle to explain its complexity. As in real life, you are thrown into a world that must possess while you try figure out how it works.


Pokemon Go is a little different from previous games in the series since Pokemon coach – small character that you create at the beginning of the game – to gain experience and increase the level. In the original game, each Pokémon has its own experience points and level, not in Pokémon Go. A very useful level up egg is lucky – Lucky Egg.

Use an egg timer starter of 30 minutes, during which you will earn double experience points. Eggs used wisely by consulting the table above to see which tasks can finish high window XP 30 minutes. Website can help to catch as many Pokemon.

You could use an egg lucky to synchronize multiple evolutions of Pokémon, or with a bait that sends a lot of Pokémon in your way to get the best results for the investment. Lucky Egg is allocated to a level 8, and others at further levels. Lucky Eggs can also be purchased at the store, using PokéCoins. Detect a Pikachu: Just like the other games, when you begin playing Pokémon Go, you can choose one of three Pokémon as first partner: Bulbasaur, Charmander or Squirtle. But there is a fourth option, hidden: Pikachu. To get a Pikachu, you just need a little patience. You must reject the first three Pokémon handy by Professor Willow and simply leave. Pokemons that you have the chance to capture them at first will follow you around a bit and then disperse before reappearing. Do this several times, and a Pikachu will show eventually. Then capture. Catching his Pikachu does not seem to provide a strategic advantage, because you’ll likely meet others stronger later, but why miss an opportunity to spend time at the beginning?

Find Pokemon Nearby: To see which Pokemon are lurking nearby, look at the bottom right corner of the screen. Clicking on this menu will display the contours of up to nine Pokémon nearby, along with up to three footprints under each. With the fewer traces, the closer you are Pokémon. Pokemon from this menu are also classified by distance. At top left is closest to you and the bottom right is the farthest. How do you throw a Pokéball: Unlike the original game, you’re not fighting wild Pokemon in Go. Instead, jump to their capture, which actually means just to give you flip the phone screen to throw a Pokéball by a Pokémon. Throw it too close or too far, and it will not happen. You have to hit Pokemon. When you click on a Pokéball appears a ring around Pokemon. A green ring means that Pokemon is easy to grip, while the red one means it is harder. Change the size of their rings while you hold your finger on a Pokéball. The chance to catch a Pokémon are improved, especially for the most difficult to capture, if the ring is smaller when disposing Pokéball.


Improving the stats of a Pokémon

Pokemons from Pokemon Go do not have levels and experience point as the other Pokemons games, but can be made stronger with your help. There are two ways to improve your Pokemon statistics: give him a Power Up or, if is possible, let them evolve into a better version. Power Ups: Power Up enhances CP and HP of a pokemon. To make a Power Up, you need a pretty simple thing and another a little more complicated. The Stardust is simple, you collect automatically every time you catch a Pokémon, and you need a certain amount for every Power Up. The most complicated is Candy, which comes in a different form for each evolutionary line Pokémon. Evolution: bringing a Pokemon to the next evolutionary step only requires Candy,  not Stardust. But you may need to gather quite a lot. For example, to convert Magikarp  into its successor, the dragon Gyarados, you will need a 400 Magikarp Candy. Pokemon Evolution offers a large growth for CP and offers multicam player experience. One thing to be careful when a Pokemon evolve: his movements will change after evolving. So if you have a very rare Pokemon with your favorite movement might be better to leave it as is until you can catch another.

A brief note about CP: Not all pokemon are created equal, and it is simply impossible to form an elite team just by using Power Ups and evolution of common rodents such as Zubat and Rattata. Each Pokemon has actually limit CP that you can see if you go to the details page. CP current level of Pokemon is shown along an arc, and CP can not grow beyond its end. This Beedrill has a modest CP of 130. We could continue to improve, but its maximum is not great, so it is probably not worth the investment.  As you get the higher levels, you will be able to find Pokemon with peaks higher CP and more rare pokemon will generally have higher upper limits. So be sure to invest in a Pokemon that will provide long – term benefits.

The types of Pokémon

Types are an important concept in all Pokemon games, and Pokemon Go is not an exception. Each pokemon and every movement has a type. Pokemon Go looks to use the sixth generation os Pokemon types that includes 118 types like obvious things like Fire, Water and Lightning and weird stuff like Dark and Fairy.  Earth types is effective against other types, and resistant to others. For example, Water is extremely effective against Fire, but grass is resistant at Water, While vulnerable to fire, etc. Permutations can get a little weird: Bug for example is very effective against the Psychic and Dragon, but has absolutely no effect on Fairy. Type of movements does not always correspond with what type Pokemon uses. Dark pokemon for example, might be able to perform a movement of Psyhic type. A dragon might be able to execute both movements Fire and Flying type, and so forth. As you build your team, see a list of types of Pokemon and make sure that you are not strong vulnerable to a certain type and that you can get a favorable duel against any possible type.

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