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Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj


Today we talk about celebrities of international lifestyle and technology they carry these. Each star has many preferences in music and hobyurile it has.

We can say that a particular celebrity communicate with fans through clothing as it is very hard to respond to millions of fans. Thanks to our partner site can find celebrity Phone number, website is certified I managed to talk to Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj. There you can also find John Cena Phone Number and many celebrities. If you contact them to learn about their privacy. For example I learned from Justin Bieber that has a relationship with Selena Gomez and more news that I say that they are together but they were false. As said by customs today we will talk about the technology they hold these celebrities. As I said earlier I spoke with Justin Bieber and messages they specified that is Apple fan. First he said that all the devices it owns are Apple, is very lot of it. What she likes most is the smart watch that helps a lot to remember schedule.Nicki Minaj

The disadvantage that it has is that you must charge it frequently. Justin specify which owns two phones one of them being smartphones that can access social networks and another is old regular phone that is used to talk to family and close friends of the artist. We can say that Justin has inherited his father’s old phone, the device is an heirloom. Smatphone’s Justin is Iphone and told me that he is very pleased. Justin owns a MacBook Pro laptop is new and was a gift from his friend. Currently say about this laptop was last updated failure. So much technology has Justin Bieber. The following questions were about “How chooses clothes?”. Ask said it is very careful when they choose clothes after his state of mind. It has great care when choosing shirts express lot because his state of mind. Justin says that his clothing is very close to one rapper clothing. So much it will invite celebrities to speak to you above website that will help you get the phone number of the star.

Nicki Minaj is the next celebrity that I contacted her through her phone number that made available to fans. Star wearing provocative outfits that express love for the fans. Nicki Minaj chose rap because it has a very mysterious past who wishes to speak. When I asked her what city he lived preferred not to remember the past. The star is very pretentious when it comes to technology. Picks and chooses phones, smart phones prefer big owns a Samsung Tab 3, which has a cover with a picture very rox star. And you can talk with Nicki Minaj by phone number all you have to do is log onto There you can also find an article on celebrity life, their concerts and especially how he managed to become so famous.

The above site created specifically for fans and contains a lot of information that should be read and if you know the secret celebrity. I’m Jack and thank you follow me and I’ll read posts following article contains more information as to ask a private interview other celebrities.


Android N is the next major version of the popular mobile operating system!

Android N is the next major version of the popular mobile operating system, and besides the interface changes, it will reinvent important security components, including Stagefright will prevent.

Android NNFor more than a year, we talk a lot of Stagefright, and the fact that the vulnerability affected hundreds of millions of users of the platform was transformed into a very painful spot on Google CV. The fascinating? No giant of Mountain View was guilty. Google has remedied shortly after the first referral problem, just because of poor propagation system of Android updates, the patch has not reached those affected.

Passing over what was now working hard on finishing Google Android N and would have been absurd for them to not refer the shadow left by Stagefright in the new update. Fortunately, preventing scandal amplorea a similar Stagefright the version of Android that will appear in the final version Autumn new measures will be implemented fairly aggressive security. They will aim isolation of several components of the operating system so that if a vulnerability, malicious playing video can not be reflected in the installation of malware. In technical terms, Mediaserver will not be able to gain additional permissions.

The idea is simple, as the break operating system in more isolated components that communicate over a single channel with a single function if one gets compromised, consecineţele no longer as painful to the user. A hacker can no longer steal data. Libstagefright ,, That means an attacker compromise will provide much fewer permissions, nor will be able to stop those privileges, reducing the attack surface is exposed to the kernel. ”

Read and E if you change your phone: old Android smartphones are sitting ducks
Finally, Android users will be more relaxed on data security, if they are lucky enough to get their hands on the update of Android N or a gadget that comes with it preinstalled.

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